For Students

Millennium Training Systems has many different programs and activities to inspire our students to excel in reading, science, technology engineering and math. Some of our programs for students are listed below. 

Robotics Competitions
Several times a year, our local students participate with Millennium Training Systems in various local and international Robotics Competitions. The image, on the left, is an example of the Robotic Rover, created by the NASA ATHLETE Rover team. 
Visit US FIRST Robotics, for more details on the International Robotics competition. 

Space Day 2008
Started in 1997, the Space Day is a grassroots educational initiative, held on the first Friday of May, dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. The ultimate goal of Space day is to promote math, science, technology and engineering education, among K-12 students, and to inspiring them to continue the stellar work of today’s space explorers into the future.

Please visit our Space Day page for details and upcoming events.




Shuttle Tac Toe

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